Samsung Repair Hastings

Samsung Repair Hastings

Samsung Screen Repair

If your Samsung screen has cracked or smashed it can be easily fixed. Bring it into one of our Phone Zone technicians who should be able to replace the screen within 30 minutes in most cases. Your Samsung will be as good as new when repaired.

Samsung Battery Replacement

When your Samsung battery keeps running low, no matter how much you charge it, we are able to replace it with a new one for you. Your Samsung will be given a new lease of life.

Samsung Home Button Replacement

A faulty or broken home button will interrupt the overall experience while using your Samsung. You can bring it in to Phone Zone and one of our skilled technicians will have your Samsung working perfectly in no time.

Samsung Charging Port Replacement

It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to have your charging port replaced. If your Samsung charging port gets damaged or your Samsung is not charging, our Phone Zone technicians are here to fix it. Visit one of our stores and get your Samsung charging port fixed quickly and efficiently.

Samsung Speaker Replacement

If the sound of your Samsung is no longer loud and clear, one of our Phone Zone technicians can fix this within 2-4 hours. We will diagnose and assess whether the speaker can be repaired or replaced. Problems with your speaker can be a sign of defective flexes, defective boards or other internal issues.

Samsung Camera Replacement

Some Samsung cameras are very complex and specialised repair work is required to fix them. Phone Zone technicians are trained in camera replacement. If your camera is not operating properly, we can take a look at it for you.

Samsung Network Issues

When you discover weak signals or poor networking on your Samsung, this can be due to a range of problems such as failure of the SIM card or outdated software. All network related problems can be sorted at Phone Zone with one of our technicians.

Samsung Water Damage Repair

At Phone Zone, we understand how annoying it can be if your Samsung is damaged by water. If you have unexpectedly dropped your Samsung into water it may impact the small circuits and connections. Repair work requires careful monitoring of systems such as power and testing to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.
Our technicians will carry out diagnostic procedures.They will tell you if your Samsung can be recovered and will offer the best solution as soon as possible.

Samsung Chip-IC Repair

If your Samsung is not working as it should it could be a more serious issue which involves the ‘mother board’ (the brains of the Samsung). This can be more involved to repair but our technicians can assess the problem and give you some options.

Samsung Network Unlocking

Unlock your Samsung from any network barrier with our unlocking service. Phone Zone technicians can now unlock networks for almost all models of Samsungs, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, One Plus, Huawei etc.

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