4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using A Cell Phone With Damaged Screen


Many people have been using their phones with broken screens, and if you are also one of those, you should stop doing it immediately. Are you wondering why? This post is for you!

A broken/cracked screen on the mobile phone might not seem like a big issue. However, the situation can cause various issues over time, and then you might have to spend an enormous amount to fix the problems. Not only does the broken screen lead to obscure views, but it can cause severe internal damage to your phone, so it is suggested to take your phone to the best cell phone repairs christchurch center.

#1 Touch screen malfunctioning

The touch screen functionality of your phone may decrease if your screen gets damaged. If you keep using your phone in such a condition, it can slow down the responding time or abruptly stop responding at all.

#2 Broken screen can cut your fingers

If you continue using your phone with a damaged screen, your fingers may get splinters as you move your finger on it. Also, the cracked cell phone screens can transfer all the dust and finger oils to the internal parts, which can cause even serious damage.

#3 Internal damage

Apart from catching the dust and oil from your fingers, the cracked screens can be the reason for various other issues. The phone screen protects your device’s internal components, but a broken one can be the source of serious damage. For instance, if you clean the screen using a liquid cleaner or damp cloth, it can easily travel to the inner parts and make the condition even worse. 

#4 Eyestrain

High-definition displays in modern cell phones improve the experience of customers, but a damaged HD screen does the exact opposite. Apart from a bad viewing experience, you will get eyestrain, leading to some eyesight complications. So, you should avoid using your phone with a broken screen.

Say no to repairing your phone yourself!

When you get an issue with your smartphone, it is quite obvious to look for a solution online. You will come across various quick-fix DIY ideas as well. We have seen people suggesting using nail color or toothpaste to conceal the phone screen damage. However, these ideas just look good to read, but applying any such elements on your cell phone’s cracked screen is not recommended by professionals. If you use such substances, they will leak through and will damage internal parts quite severely.

We highly recommend you to avoid such DIY ideas to tackle the phone damages and always get it repaired by professionals only.

How do professionals fix a damaged cell phone screen?

Fixing the cell phone’s screen issues requires professional experience. The most common practice is screen replacement, and the professionals will provide you with many options to choose from. Once you select a screen-type from various options, the expert technicians will begin with opening your cell phone and removing the old cracked screen. This procedure requires a lot of precision. There are several components on the phone screen which need to be transferred to the new screen assembly.

Now your phone is reassembled with a brand new phone screen and will be closed carefully while making sure that all the components have been transferred.

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour to repair your phone’s screen.

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