Broke your iPad screen? Don’t break your heart- Here’s the real solution


Your iPad screen is cracked, and you would think that there is no good solution now. Think again. There are numerous options to get your iPad screen repaired, but it is important to decide if it really needs a repair or not. If the screen has got tiny damage, you can probably live with it. Always visit the renowned experts to get the broken screen fixed.

At iPad screen repair Christchurch, we know you love it more than any other gadget and trust us, we have witnessed thousands of cases and fixed the broken iPad screens within no time using our professional skills and the right set of tools. Just before we repair it, here are a few things we would want you to do.

Do these before you visit to get your screen repaired

Do not panic

Don’t worry. Crack happens. Cracked screens are heartbreaking but believe us, and it can be fixed. We provide quality repairs and ensure that we fix it like before. The repairs are affordable and easy to get done.

Assess the damage

It is crucial to know how much damage has been caused to the iPad. If the screen is completely shattered, you would want to get the repair as soon as possible. If only a small portion of the iPad screen is cracked, you could wait, but do not ignore it. If you are thinking about selling the iPad, you will not get much value with a cracked screen.

Backup your iPad

Before you get the screen repaired, it is essential that you save a backup of your iPad. It will keep any of your data from getting lost while we fix the screen. To Backup your iPad, connect it to the computer and go to iTunes. Click the iPad button in the uppermost left-hand corner of iTunes, and press Backup Now.

Cover the screen

Cover the screen with packaging tape or a large ziplock bag. It will protect you from cutting yourself with a sharp piece of glass.

Do not try to fix it yourself

You might try to do that instead of walking to a professional. But we do not suggest that you try your hands on it. Repairing an iPad screen is a complicated task, and it requires a particular set of tools. If you try to repair the screen yourself, the screen may suffer from more damage, and you could also cut your hand with the sharp glass. Best is, visit the experts.

Visit the best place to fix the iPad screen

We are a renowned service provider for iPad screen repair Auckland. Formed in 2011, we have been serving thousands of customers on a regular basis. Fixing the screen requires proper knowledge and technique. Our hand-picked team of technicians is knowledgeable and expert at repairing the broken screens for all kinds of models and devices. We ensure that your screen will be fixed within 30 minutes in most cases.

We do not just fix iPad broken screens but also render services for iPhone repair, laptop repairs, iPad water damage, speaker repair, and much more. To learn more about us, visit

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