Know about the different types of Smartphone displays in the market

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If you are a smartphone owner, by now, you must be aware of what a delicate piece of technology this little magical device is. It obviously goes without saying, the most common problem Phone users experience is a shattered screen. Being made of highly fragile, sensitive, and breakable materials, your phone is very likely to get damaged and can break at the slightest impact if dropped. Be it iPhone or any other smartphone, the screen is the most fragile part of your phone, so it necessitates to be taken care of.

Now the question is, what exactly can be done to protect your phone screen from breaking?

Well, the quick answer is nothing. There is nothing that will surely prevent your screen damage.

An ideal solution to this problem is to go for immediate repair at a reliable and trustworthy iPhone screen repair nelson store. It is always better to go for an expert phone specialist who is certified and has already handled dozens of iPhone screen repairs.

Besides, having a little knowledge of displays and screens can be a plus because the screen display is essential, as it enhances user-experience while using the phone. So, here is a guide that may help you with replacing your old broken phone screen with a new but the best one.

TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor technology)

This technology has earned a massive appreciation in the Smartphone market because of its affordability during manufacturing. This technology offers a high resolution, but you can experience poor visibility in direct sunlight or excessive light.


IPS is also known as In-Place Switching. The IPS display is superior to the TFT with improvements like wide viewing angles and low power usage. As this display had a high manufacturing cost, it is mostly used in top range Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone. Smartphones with IPS displays deliver excellent quality pictures and enhanced battery life.

Resistive touchscreen LCD

The resistive touchscreen is a brilliant display designed with a double layer of conductive materials. When touched by the human body, two layers merge, completing the circuit.

The resistive touchscreen is less responsive and mostly used in budget smartphones.

Capacitive touchscreen LCD

Capacitive touchscreens are coated with a layer of the translucent conductor where the electrostatic field screen transmits a command to the phone’s OS.

This display is more simple and responsive, providing better user experience. Capacitive touchscreen technology is mostly used by high-end Smartphones.


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a new smartphone display, which upgraded the touchscreen technology to a whole new level. OLED consists of a carbon-based organic material, which is placed between two layers of anode and cathode sheets. With quick response time, exceptionally bright colors, and wide viewing angles, this Smartphone technology is used in high-end Smartphone devices.


AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen displays possess the features of OLED screens but with upgraded quality and quick response time. With brilliant colors, brightness, and sharpness, AMOLED displays have quickly gained popularity and are the most preferred smartphone screen display among most mobile phone manufacturers.


This high-level super-thin display was developed by Samsung for its top range of Smartphones. The Super AMOLED smartphone display comes with a touch response layer installed on display, enhancing the response time as well as image quality. Super AMOLED technology uses limited battery power and makes it a suitable choice for expensive Smartphones.

Haptic/Tactile Touchscreen

Haptic/Tactiletechnology offers top-level accuracy. Because of the accuracy, these touch screens are used by the top range of Smartphones in the market.

Wrap up

Above, we have listed some of the most common smartphone screens available in the market. Now, it is all up to you what you want to choose. 

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